Computer Assisted Design

Team 1719 relies on computer assisted design (CAD) to streamline our design process by creating virtual models of the parts and assembly that will ultimately be used to create the robot. Many of our parts (e.g. our chassis and parts for our devices) are created directly from the CAD plans via water jet cutting technology. We encourage all Team 1719 team members to delve into the world of CAD, either at a basic level or more in-depth as a member of the CAD sub-team. Below, find a list of resources available to our team with links to the corresponding websites and materials.


Autodesk First Robotics Community

Autodesk, the software company that publishes tremendous titles including Inventor, Revit, Autodesk 360, Maya, and Fusion, to name a few, most generously provides full versions of all of their software to FIRST students and mentors free of licensing fees – software packages that have retail values in the thousands of dollars! We encourage all of our students to take advantage of this tremendous resource. The first step is to register as a member of the Autodesk Community by navigating to the Autodesk First Student Home Page. When creating your account, note that your Autodesk ID must contain at least 6 characters and passwords must be 8-12 characters and contain at least 1 letter and 1 number. Once registered as a student or mentor, obtain a serial number and product key for the latest version of Autodesk Inventor Professional. Then either download or obtain the software on disk from mentors, install Autodesk Inventor Professional on your computer (you must have Windows operating system, not available for Mac). Confirm that Inventor opens on your computer. 


Team 1719 Introduction to CAD Course

Click here to obtain the course syallabus for the FIRST Team 1719 Introduction to CAD Course presented by Pete Sloane, FIRST Team 1719's CAD Mentor.  The short course is designed to give the student a basic understand of the principles of 3D Modelling.  By the end of the seminar, the student should achieve confidence in basic 3D modelling in the CAD environment of Autodesk Inventor Professional.  The highlight of the course is step-by-step instructions for designing a basic FIRST robot utilizing concepts including constraints, sketch, mirror, features, extrusion, assembly, and drawing. The appendices of the syllabus contain valuable information regarding how to obtain Inventor Professional software, hardware requirements for Inventor, and where to find further educational materials.  We hope that you have a chance to download Inventor Professional to your computer and try your hand at building a practice robot using the syllabus.


TEDCF Website

Team 1719 is proud to have TEDCF Publishing as a team sponsor for the 2013 and 2014 seasons. TEDCF has generously provided our team with free access to its Autodesk Inventor Training Video series. If interested, you can start by viewing sample introductory lessons here or better yet, downloading the free video player and introductory lessons from TEDCF’s website to your computer via the same page. For those students who want to go beyond the sample lessons, please be sure the video viewer is installed on your computer then ask your mentors for an activation code provided to our team by our sponsor, TEDCF. The course is extensive with hundreds of 5-10 minute presentations on all aspects of computer assisted design using Inventor. To streamline your learning experience, click here for a lesson directory arranged in group of lessons recommended for beginners (in GREEN), recommended for more advanced users (in YELLOW), or reference only (unhighlighted).


2014 TEDCF Supplemental Parts Files

Those students taking the TEDCF tutorial will require supplemental parts and assemblies files which can be obtained through the TEDCF site by clicking here.


CAD Utilization by Team 1719 in the 2013 Build Season

This pdf file shows an overview of how Team 1719 approached designing its robot using solid engineering principles with the assistance of computer assited design (CAD).


Built By Design Video Series

Watch this “must see” series of videos which focuses on the essentials of efficient design optimization for FIRST robotics.