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Umbrella Corporation Explores Deep Space at Haymarket District Qualifier; Finds Victory, Bling

Team 1719 opened the 2019 competition season with success on and off the field. Our position as the sixth seed alliance captain was our best competitive showing in three years Our robot was effective at handling game pieces, but what really made the difference was the solid climber we implemented. This allowed us to get to either Level 2 or Level 3 of the Habitat in the end game, depending on the abilities of our alliance partners, earning us extra ranking points during the qualifying rounds.

The judges recognized our team with the Creativity award. Whether admiring our robot design, the clever outfits put together for the drive team, or perhaps the outstanding reveal video, it's clear that Creativity is something we do pretty well, as this is the third time we have been honored with this award




Who Dat???


It appears to be our drive team (from left, Anthony, Nora, and Owen, with Gus in the background), jubilant over our first successful climb in competition. The photo looks like it was shot through the alliance wall, which begs the question of who captured this glorious moment on film.

If you guessed that it must have been a friendly member of the field crew, the answer is No, No..... Sorry, I meant to say that it was NooNoo, our amazingly agile robot. This was the last visual image transmitted through the on-board camera before power was shut down at the end of the match. NooNoo was probably wondering what all the fuss was about.